Core Values

The core values of El Refugio Ministries (ERM) are as follows:

1)  Respect – We believe that every individual has inherent value and dignity as a unique child of God, regardless of background or belief. Respect for God, self and others will form the foundation of all our interactions.

2)  Integrity – Every aspect of this ministry will reflect our commitment to honesty, transparency and financial accountability.

3)  Equipping – We will provide opportunities for necessary training and life skills to prepare our residents for an independent life.

4)  Partnership – Local and international partnerships are integral to our ministry, providing prayer, financial, and hands on support, which enhance our ability to meet the needs of the women and children. Short-term teams and volunteer work will be intentional and will follow ministry standards.

5)  Discipleship – Residents will be introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ and provided opportunities for growing in their relationship with Him through Bible studies, church attendance, and daily guidance.

6)  Healing – Women and their children will have access to services that provide physical, emotional/psychological and spiritual healing.